2019 GOALS


Road to Recovery Invest a minimum of $60,000 in block grants for continued therapy, acquiring medical equipment, or making minor home modifications for those individuals without health insurance coverage or personal financial means as well as providing peer mentoring supporting individuals with SCI/D.

Care Package for Everyone Collaborate with every medical facility or rehab center in Northern California so that every person with a new case of spinal cord injury/disorder admitted receives a Care Package customized as much as possible based on their needs and level of injury.  This includes addition of technological devices to increase the level of independence experienced by such individuals.

Mobile SCI Clinics In addition to returning to San Luis Obispo, expand this program to two new locations in Modesto/Stockton and Chico/Redding communities and establish mobile clinics to support individuals in areas under-served by medical professionals (nurse, physical and occupational therapist, peer supporter) with expertise in individuals with SCI/D.

Energize the SCI Community Collaborate with support groups and organizations to promote and develop events and activities that help create opportunities for any member of the SCI community interested in maintaining an active lifestyle regardless of their disability.

Outreach to Hospitals & Rehab Centers Expand our engagement with all rehab facilities in Northern California by offering their staff in-service, training and peer mentoring programs and help increase the level of patient care at their facilities.

Advocate for Greater Access Identify unmet needs and opportunities that require greater level of public advocacy to help bring the type of change that would provide better access to the services and needs of the SCI community.

Develop our Organization  Expand our board and volunteer base in order to enhance our organization's capabilities to best serve the needs of the SCI Community in Northern California.