San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities

City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Disability Council

City of Alameda Commission on Disabilities

City of Berkeley Commission on Disabilities

California Commission on Disabilities

Disability Rights California

Disability Rights Advocates

National Disability Rights Network

Santa Clara University runs Advice Clinics to give legal guidance about your rights on employee, consumer law, immigration or being in debt.

Human Services Agency of San Francisco

The Disability Organizing Network

Looking Glass is a nationally recognized center that has pioneered research, training, and services for families in which a child, parent or grandparent has a disability or medical issue

Based in Modesto, the Society operates the largest loan closet of adaptive equipment in the county, provides educational programs, job training services, recreational programs, a long standing special need program, and resource and referral services to the resident of Stanislaus County who have a disability.

Promoting accessibility, acknowledging advocacy work, and providing connection between communities throughout San Luis Obispo County