Care Package 1.3

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Our goal is to ensure every person with a new case of spinal cord injury/disorder admitted at a medical facility or rehab center in Northern California receives a Care Package customized as much as possible based on the needs and level of injury of the individual. 
If the rehab facility does not provide a Care Package, contact NorCal SCI and we'll find a way to get a Care Package to you or your loved one. 

Care Package 1.3 Content
USA New Beginnings Back Pack
USA Wrist Band                                 USA Magnetic Card
CDRF Paralysis Resource Guide         CDRF Don’t Call it a Miracle
CDRF Paralysis Resource Center        CDRF Deep Vein Thrombosis Card
CDRF Autonomic Dysreflexia Card   CDRF Sepsis Card
CDRF Bladder Management CDRF Pressure Injuries and Skin Management
CDRF Bowel Management CDRF Know Your Rights Toolkits
CDRF Managing Spasticity
New Mobility Magazine
NorCal SCI Business Card                 NorCal SCI Info sheet
NorCal SCI Brochure                         NorCal SCI Squeeze Ball
BORP Brochure                                 AbleThrive Post Card
Stylus for Tablet/Phone                      Zip Ties
Insulated Drinking Cup                     Mirror and Gear Tie
Peets Coffee Vouchers

(USA - United Spinal Association), (CDRF - Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation), (BORP - Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program)

Care Package 2.0 Content
Dependent on successful fundraising and donations, NorCal SCI expects to expand the Care Package to include the following items:
Fleximug*                                         Google Home Mini*
Smart Plug* Smart Bulb*
Chocolate Gift Box
          (*dependent on needs of individual)

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Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Guide
Don't Call It A Miracle:  The Movement To Cure Spinal Cord Injury by Kate Willette
United Spinal Association's New Mobility Monthly Magazine

Amazon Shopping List
Medical supplies are expensive but here are some more affordable ideas from experienced SCI survivors.

Recommendations from C4 Quad:
Cell phone holder for chair and tray table comprised of:
RAM mount cradle holder for universal X grip    Price Guide $25
RAM mount long double socket arm for 1 inch     Price Guide $18
RAM mount 1 inch tough ball x 2                             Price Guide  $14
Portable power bank/charger for cell phone   varies with size/features Price Guide $16-$50
Dragon Naturally Speaking                                         Price Guide $72
Medical adjustable over bed tray table                     Price Guide  $50
fleximug products

Recommendations from T10 Para
Pouch to attach onto wheelchair                                 Price Guide  $9
Hands Free Cathing Mirror (Non Amazon)                Price Guide  $60
Mirror for Cathing/Skin Inspection                             Price Guide $8
Gear Tie (2 Pack)                                                         Price Guide $6