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This is our preferred method in order to save on credit card processing fees. 
Please make your check payable to "NorCal SCI" and send it to:
NorCal SCI
696 N. Santa Cruz Ave.
Los Gatos, CA  95030


Many companies offer matching of charitable contributions by their employees.  Your money can go much farther when you take advantage of this program as typically, employers match dollar-for-dollar your contribution.  The $500 you contribute means $1,000 to NorCal SCI.  Please contact your company's HR/Benefits department and ask them if they offer this program.  Look us up under NorCal Spinal Cord Injury Foundation which is already registered with Benevity and GuideStar (which has awarded us with their Silver Seal of Transparency) and can take online employee match donations directly and usually through your company's intranet. If your company is not set up to make a match to us, please email us at as we can find a way to ensure you get the match approved. 

Some employers may also require the following information in order to match employee contributions:

Organization Name:    NorCal Spinal Cord Injury Foundation
EIN:    82-2423561
Address:    696 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos CA  95030
Phone:    408 458 9863
Web Site Address:

Become an Angel InVESTOR

Founded in May 2017 and incorporated in September 2017, we are in every sense a startup and rely heavily on our Angel Investors to fund our venture.

Any individual, family or organization contributing $1,000 or more will be listed on our Angel Investors Board.

Any individual, family or organization pledging $1,000 a year or more over the next five years will be listed on our Angel Investors Board as a Golden Angel.

Any individual, family or organization contributing $10,000 or more will be listed on our Angel Investors Board as an Arch Angel Investor.

Who else can offer an ROI of knowing that our Angels are making a real difference in the Northern California Spinal Cord Injury community?


NorCal SCI Arch Angel Investors 2018

(Contributing $10,000 or more)


NorCal SCI Angel Investors 2018

(Contributing $1,000 or more)

Jordan and Jo-Ann Plofsky
Franklin Elieh
Carl McGrew
Nick and Julie Struthers
Bill and Teresa Hata
Alex and Shoko Michael
Rick and Eileen Brooks
Mike and Diane Naar
Bill Johnson & Terri Lobdell
Simon and Melanie Dunning
The Tailo Family
Marduke Yousefpor
Joan and Matthew Scott
Janet Elieh
Polly Redfield
Ernest Chung
Mike Hutton & Donna MacIsaac
Joe and Amber DeLaere
Dave and Margo Moore
Richard and Lani Cliff
Ken and Michelle Daxer and family
The Bejan Family
Chemical Safety Technology, Inc.
Nanosilicon, Inc.
Nanosilicon Oxide LLC
S Young
Rubaiyat and Jen Hossain
Ran Tao
Adam and Kati Wright
Hamish Fallside and Julie Livingston
Dave and Karri Greenfield
Greg and Fan Steinke
Camdan Corporation
Shea & Shea
Bryan and Alyssa Archell

NorCal SCI Angel Investors 2019

Palle and Julia Thordal
Adam and Kati Wright
Matt and Tina Wheeler
Vincent and Christina Hu

NorCal SCI Golden Angel Investors

Janet Elieh
Dave and Karri Greenfield
Ken and Michelle Daxer and family
Dave and Margo Moore
Rick and Eileen Brooks
Shea & Shea
Vincent and Christina Hu