"Ability Hacks" to feature video tips and tricks that may not be widely known

NorCal SCI is excited to launch "Ability Hacks", a new feature showcasing user-submitted videos that showcase problem-solving tips and tricks that people with a disability have learned and perfected along the way that may not be widely known.

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We met Krystina Jackson and her sister Robyn a few weeks ago and were blown away by her "Warm Embrace" transfer technique. It is certainly not for everybody and it takes skill and athleticism from both the individual and the person assisting but boy, it is quick and effective. We have to credit Krystina for coming up with this idea and we also would like to invite anyone else to share their own "Ability Hacks" by contacting us at info@norcalsci.org.

Krystina (left) pictured with her sister Robyn

Back in 2002, when Krystina was 19, she "Totally wiped out" snowboarding with her girlfriend and sister in Big Bear. She suffered a C4/C5 incomplete spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down.  With the help of some tremendous physical therapist and respiratory therapist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, she was able to breathe on her own much easier after a few months which allowed her to move her arms more, speak and start singing again!

Before her injury, Kristina was studying creative writing and pursuing a career as a professional soccer player. She then changed her major to finance and graduated from the University of the Pacific's Eberhardt School of Business with a BS in Business Administration in 2009.  Currently, she runs a micro-company, GUSTObyKW, that designs accessories for wheelchairs, power chairs and other daily living accessories. 

"I'm still in physical rehab. I have two goals: my primary one being to walk again and my secondary being to stay as healthy and strong both mentally and physically as I possibly can. I practice yoga and go camping and swimming and try to live a healthy active fun lifestyle. I think it's important not to become identified with the injury and to continue to live and celebrate your life! "