NorCal SCI & SCI-FIT launch East Bay Spinal Cord Injury Support Group

When we launched NorCal SCI in May, our core objective was to support members of Northern California’s Spinal Cord Injury community.  One way we’ve been doing that is through our support of the various SCI peer support groups but we’re also very keen on helping launch new support groups in areas not currently served.  Through a partnership with Pleasanton-based SCI-FIT, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the East Bay SCI Support Group at a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 9th from 5-7 p.m (drop in at anytime during the two hours) at SCI-FIT’s facility in Pleasanton.  To RSVP, please CLICK HERE.


How did this come about?  It was actually a couple of months ago when the parent of a person with SCI wondered why there can’t be a support group serving the East Bay population given that there were quite a few individuals with SCI who lived in that area.  We discussed this a bit more with SCI-FIT co-founder, Dan Dumas, and he gladly threw his support behind this initiative by allowing us to use his facility as well as providing snacks and refreshments for the meeting.

Our thought is that this support group will serve the Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.  We don’t want to be running this group but, rather, we want to support it in its initial months and make sure there’s a structure and commitment of individuals who would be tasked with keeping it going.  The nature and format of the meetings will be completely up to the group and that’s what we’ll try and flush out at the first meeting.

So, please, come to the Nov. 9th meeting and mingle with other individuals with SCI, get to know each other better and make new friends and learn from each other.  That’s the foundation of a great support group.  If you know of others with SCI or their family, let them know about this meeting.