Abilities Expo roundup: meeting new & old friends, new products, making videos

The NorCal SCI Team of Nick, Carl and Franklin had a fun time during the three days of the Abilities Expo in San Mateo this past weekend.  We met dozens of old friends and made a ton of new ones who stopped by our booth, had our friend, Krystina Jackson, lead the effort to shoot videos of people sharing their story of the first time they fell out of their wheelchair.

This weekend reinforced the reason we launched NorCal SCI.  There's a lot of need for information, resources and support out there within the various spinal cord injury communities and we're slowly positioning ourselves to help meet such challenges.

Of course, we learned a ton of new things, too.  Our friend, Elizabeth, stopped by to introduce us to Tobii, an amazing eye tracking and eye control device that enables individuals without the use of their arms or hands to use a computer.  We saw a bunch of wheelchairs and adapted vehicles with all sorts of bells and whistles.  And the list goes on and on.  

We're also going to be investigating some insurance benefits that, until now, have been somewhat misunderstood when it comes to paying for various types of equipment.  It was also very rewarding when we heard people's challenges and were able to offer them viable solutions they weren't aware of.

These are the reasons we will keep going at it with our mission.  As for our takeaways from this show, we will be writing and sharing video footage about it for the next several weeks and hope that you'll find something new you didn't know before.