SCI Fund: financial assistance when health insurance falls short

There are many items that no insurance or government-supported health plan pays for or provides someone with a spinal cord injury and, typically, this applies to expensive items that are not considered durable medical equipment.  Yet, they could be an essential component that contribute to that person's ability to stay healthy and independent.

There is great news for the SCI Community and we're pleased to introduce SCI Fund.  There's no web site for it but here's what you need to know on how to apply to them for financial assistance when dealing with the challenge of obtaining certain equipment.

The Fund was started by Rog Severson, a Southern California real estate developer who suffered a spinal cord injury in 1986.  It has helped more than a thousand individuals with SCI to seek out therapy or pay for equipment aimed at helping them gain greater independence. 
Applicants must be legal California residents with a documented spinal cord injury and may qualify for funding for items such as:

  • Standing frame
  • Shower chair
  • Volker (automated turning) mattress
  • Assisted devices for driving (not the vehicle or modification)
  • Laptops for those going to school or other assistive technology

The SCI Fund encourages applicants to request funding for specific items they need and they will be notified if their request is valid.

To apply, here's the link to the application.  For more information, you may contact Elizabeth Toumajian at