Dating with a disability: to mention or not? That's the $64,000 question

Talk to a room full of disabled singles and chances are, 90% of them will complain about their frustrations meeting someone on a dating site.  Specifically, they'll mention their uncertainty about mentioning their disability in their profile.

"If only I could get to meet them in person and tell them my story and how my disability shouldn't be used to cast a judgment on my suitability to become a partner" is the one we continue to hear.  Or, "I was honest and open in my profile and didn't get a single sign of interest from anyone" is another complaint we often hear.  What is one left to do?  Be honest and hope someone would be open minded enough to give it a shot or just keep waiting and waiting, often hopelessly?

Well, here's a take from our friends at New Mobility magazine.  Not sure if it would settle the debate but perhaps help you learn what the options are.