Tips and Tricks for Making Your Home Accessible

In the latest edition of New Mobility magazine, we couldn't help but notice a fascinating article that features various solutions to the many home modification challenges individuals with spinal cord injury face.  Here are some of the challenges that were addressed in the article.

The Bathroom Conundrum
To remodel or not to remodel? That is the question, and Richard Holicky has an answer.

The Historic Remodel
Mark Smith wasn’t about to let a 19th century staircase stand between him and the second floor. He reports on platform lifts.

The Techie Approach
The voice controlled home is here, and Sonny Ali shares how it has changed his life for the better.

The Temporary Solution
Ian Ruder checks out the Wheel Pad, a temporary accessible housing solution for people with new injuries.

Accessible designer Charles Schwab shares plans for the accessible add-on of your dreams.

Home Hacks
While you’re waiting on your winning lottery numbers, Alex Ghenis has some budget solutions to boost your home’s accessibility.