NorCal SCI Presents at the UC Davis Medical Center Support Group

UC Davis Care Package.png

"I met Holly Bleesdale for the first time last month and she invited me to present to the support group meeting at UC Davis. I was able to travel up to Sacramento last week and had an enjoyable time getting to see the group in action," writes NorCal SCI Co-Founder, Nick Struthers.  The conference room used for the meeting is in the rehab wing and I found it very useful to ask the helpful staff to find the accessible location. NorCal SCI was the main agenda item and because the group was small, it was great getting to know the mentors and participants in the group. 

I had laid out some of the care package material NorCal SCI has been supporting Santa Clara Valley Medical Center with and got some good feedback on the material from the participants. Despite the small size of the group, there was a diverse range of experience and situations covering most of the SCI levels and conditions.

From left to right: David, Leesa, Holly, Rick, Nick , Tony, Adam

From left to right: David, Leesa, Holly, Rick, Nick , Tony, Adam

I would like to thank Holly for giving me the opportunity to interact with the group and we at NorCal SCI are excited about working with UC Davis to support their SCI patients and group members.