NorCal SCI unveils its 2018 Goals & Objectives and Mission & Vision Statements


We've been spending a lot of time refining our Mission & Vision as well as developing our Goals & Objectives for this year and it hasn't been easy as we all know there are a lot of needs out there for the Spinal Cord Injury community that are not being met.

One of our core principles from the beginning of this journey has been to support, collaborate and engage with every organization and person we've come across that we felt shared the same values.  That is essential to our success and we will adhere to it through everything we do to better serve the SCI/D community in Northern California.

As we've talked to over a thousand newly-injured persons over the years, we know there are some significant issues out there that no one is paying any attention to.  If we had the resources, we'd be tackling them left and right but we've had to manage our expectations and ensure that we can demonstrate doing what we commit ourselves to.

With the help of many friends of the SCI community, we're pleased to unveil our new Mission Statement and Vision for NorCal SCI:

MISSION:  NorCal SCI provides information and resources allowing people affected by or living with a Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder in Northern California to thrive and live productively.  

VISION:  NorCal SCI is the trusted organization enabling people living with a Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder in Northern California to experience life not defined by a disability.  

These will help keep us focused on the outcomes we hope to achieve with every action we take.

Additionally, as we committed ourselves to being fully transparent from the beginning of our journey back in May of 2017, we're sharing 10 major Goals & Objectives NorCal SCI seeks to accomplish this year.  These goals have gone through a lot of spirited debates and deliberations among ourselves.  We all want to do so much more but the reality is that we have to temper our enthusiasm and work within reality and build a foundation for greater success.

We'll be doing some trials and pilot programs to determine the level of interest and enthusiasm within the SCI community.  For example, one of the programs we're most curious about is our Mobile SCI Clinic.  Over the years, we've come across many individuals with SCI who live in rural communities that often lack access to high quality health care, especially for individuals with SCI.  So, we'll be launching a pilot program involving clinics that will travel to two locations in Northern California we've identified as being under-served and we'll have a Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Peer Supporter meet with any individual and address their challenges.

Another program we'll be launching is "Road to Recovery" which we'll work to maximize the success rate of the transition from rehab to the home community of the newly-injured person.  The average stay at a rehab facility in Northern California is roughly four weeks, something everyone agrees is completely inadequate given the magnitude of a spinal cord injury and everything one must learn to do with their level of mobility.  We also know that four weeks doesn't translate to sufficient physical and occupational therapy.  So, we'll pilot a program whereby we'd offer a "block grant" designed to provide the person with access to additional high-level physical or occupational therapy, peer mentoring to help you navigate the new challenges you must overcome, or help with acquiring equipment or modifications one may need.   

Of course, to do everything successfully for this year involves two main components that we'll be tackling:
1.  Recruiting like-minded individuals who believe we can help each other live a better life following SCI
2.  Raising a sufficient level of funding to accomplish our many goals

As we've mentioned from the beginning, until recently, we have self-funded our organization.  To accomplish our goals, we'll need to tap into some significant financial resources.  In the coming weeks, we'll share our approach to ensure a sufficient level of funding is established so that we can accomplish our goals.

As always, please let us know of any feedback you may have on how we can better serve our SCI community in Northern California.

Nick & Franklin,
NorCal SCI co-founders