New Smart Wheelchair Cushion to Address Pressure Ulcers


I am sure by now you’re thinking this is a joke but read on because surely you must be thinking there’s no way this issue can be resolved. Can you believe it though if it were true? The long-term effects of sitting in a wheelchair can be painful. People who use wheelchairs can get muscle deformities and even serious injuries. Wheelchair injuries and pains, such as pressure ulcers, normally hit people who spend a significant amount of time in wheelchairs. Bad posture is another major challenge for people who use wheelchairs because they are not able to change their sitting position.

Fortunately, an American University has managed to address this big wheelchair issue. This year, the University of Texas Arlington made a major breakthrough in the wheelchair technology space. A team of researchers from the University of Texas has developed a smart seat cushion that can help wheelchair users prevent the negative effects and injuries caused by sitting in a wheelchair for a long time.

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