Free Hoyer lifts, power wheelchairs and more available to those in need

Manual patient lifts can run anywhere from $500-$900.
Power wheelchairs can easily be in excess of $10,000.
Many durable medical equipment items are either not covered by health insurance plans or there’s a co-pay. NorCal SCI began accepting donated medical equipment about a year ago and we’re seeing some significant number of patient lifts and wheelchairs donated to us, available free of charge to those who can benefit from them. SEE THEM HERE.

Just last month, we were contacted by donors of a new power hospital bed in San Francisco. Within hours, someone from Fresno contacted us with their interest and within the same day, they made arrangements to pick up a multi-thousand dollar bed for their loved one. We consider that a feel good story.

We recognize there’s a need for this type of program and will support it as long as there’s a demand for it. If you have equipment in good working condition, please reach out to us at