NorCal SCI heading down to Fresno to meet up with other disability resource/support groups

NorCal SCI's Nick Struthers has filled up his gas tank for a trip to Fresno today where he is to drop by the Resource for Independence Central Valley as well as join the meeting of the San Joaquin Valley Rehab Center SCI Support Group.

As we have chronicled our past field trips to the various ILCs and support groups, our main goals are to better understand how these organizations operate and also share with them our vision to collaborate with them and help their SCI community thrive.  

Nick will be meeting with Larry Wanger, the Executive Director of RICV.  They've been operating since 1976 and their service area includes the five counties of Fresno, Kings, Tulare, Madera and Merced.

At the San Joaquin Valley Rehab Center SCI Support Group, he will be welcomed by Benilde Leal who leads that group which meets monthly in the Education Room of the Rehab Center.  There, Nick will introduce everyone to NorCal SCI and join their conversations so that when we come across individuals with SCI from that area, we can refer them to the appropriate support groups (there are actually two of them in Fresno).

Look for Nick to write a summary of his trip to Fresno next week.