SCI-FIT to expand services in Fresno and beyond

SCI-FIT founder, Dan Dumas, has confirmed to NorCal SCI that a new location in Fresno will be opening soon as the lease for the building was finalized and work will soon begin in readying the facility.  


But that's not all.  Dan also confirmed a "strong interest" in opening another location in the Santa Rosa area, so much so that he'll be the guest speaker at the March 19th meeting of the Sonoma-Marin SCI Support Group to discuss this topic.

Dan suffered a C-5 injury about 13 years ago in Hawaii as he was hit and thrown by a wave while vacationing.  While his doctors and therapists didn't give him any hope of ever walking again, he refused to believe that and embarked upon an intensive multi-month physical therapy program that eventually led to him walking with crutches.  That experience motivated him to open SCI-FIT in Pleasanton in 2007 followed by Sacramento a few years later.

NorCal SCI co-founders, Nick & Franklin, will be meeting with Dan later this week and will bring you updated information about his plans.