Google seeks input from disability community on Maps app, offers $75 gift perks

For a while, NorCal SCI has partnered with Google to provide feedback from the SCI community so they can make their products more accessible and they're currently seeking volunteers to help provide crucial feedback on the use of the Google Maps app.  If you're selected to take part in this study, Google will provide a $75 gift perks code upon completion of the study.


If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone and have the Google Maps app installed, you can be a potential candidate.  To begin with, you need to complete THIS QUESTIONNAIRE (takes about five minutes to complete and you will not be compensated) to see if you're a good match for this online study.  If you are selected by Google to participate in the study, you will be contacted and provided additional instructions.

This study runs through Fri., Aug. 24th and you must have a smartphone to participate via Google Forms.  You can complete the initial questionnaire at any time of your choosing. If you're selected for the online survey, it would take 45-60 minutes to complete.