Mobile SCI Clinic: getting ready for trip to San Luis Obispo

As we reported a couple of months ago, NorCal SCI has organized a mobile clinic that will travel down to San Luis Obispo on Sat., Sept. 22nd with three medical professionals with specific expertise in spinal cord injury/disorder.  More than half of our appointment slots have already been reserved but we still have a few appointments available which interested individuals must take advantage of ASAP by going to THIS PAGE


The three medical professionals that we're grateful for volunteering their time include Carole Adler Hughes, OT, Rebecca Hummel-Moore, Nurse Practitioner, and Gillian Haskell, PT, along with NorCal SCI co-founders, Nick and Franklin, who will meet with a few representatives of the SLO Noor Foundation clinic, a free community-based medical clinic operating there as they will be providing us with key support throughout the day.  We will also have a wheelchair repair technician available.  

It is hard to imagine that a college town like San Luis Obispo has very little, if any, medical professionals with specific expertise in SCI and so, we hope this effort would enable the SCI community to benefit from that knowledge to help address some of their medical challenges.  Our goal is to test this model and assess its benefit to those communities we do this in.  Following San Luis Obispo, we will take our mobile clinic to another town under-served by SCI medical professionals and we're working on identifying that town and hope to soon make an announcement about it.

We will make a full report on our trip and share it with you.