NorCal SCI releases 2018 Annual Report

2018 was an incredible year filled with many highs and accomplishments for us and we’re thrilled to release our 2018 Annual Report summarizing the programs and services we offered the Northern California Spinal Cord Injury community. It’s hard for us to point to a program or accomplishment as our favorite, as there are many, but suffice to say, as we look back, it leaves us with an exhilarating feeling knowing that our work has just begun and there’s a ton more we can and plan on doing.


We must be honest though: without the incredible generosity of our donors and supporters, very little of this is possible. We recognized the challenge of fundraising when we launched the foundation and while it’s not one of our favorite activities, we knew we were surrounded by a legion of loyal, caring and supportive friends, family members and, at times, total strangers who believed in this mission. To them, we’re grateful for allowing us to raise over $100,000 in our first year.

Along the way though, we met tons of people for the first time who are part of the SCI community in one capacity or another. We learned from them, forged strong ties and friendships and earned their respect and showed them ours.

We look forward to your continued support in the years ahead as our work has just begun and we need to aggressively grow our programs and capabilities in order to have a larger impact on our underserved community.

NEXT WEEK: Look for us to unveil our 2019 Goals & Objectives as we share what we’re planning on doing for the SCI community in Northern California.