Dating in a wheelchair: adventurers can be rewarded

It is arguably the most frustrating experience to go through for a wheelchair user: how do they get their dating mojo back now that they’re a wheeler? Thankfully, with Valentine’s Day next week, timing is good to highlight a couple of resources worthy of investing some time with.


New Mobility magazine just published an article on Online Dating with a Disability.. There are more dating apps than ever but, of course, the biggest question that everyone is challenged by is how to address their disability in their profile. You’ll find some good tips.

Another article that we felt was timely was one in Wheel Love, a Canadian web site started by two women, Sam and Chelsea, in relationships with two men in wheelchair. 10 Things We Learned from Dating Someone in a Wheelchair is an attempt to share the many things they’ve learned about being in a relationship with someone in a wheelchair.

As always, be careful when dating online. Our population is more vulnerable physically and so, getting out of difficult situations carries a great deal of risk.