Paraplegic speaker & entrepreneur, Arash Bayatmakou, joins NorCal SCI's Board of Directors


Things couldn’t be going any better for us as we’re extremely happy to announce that a proud member of the SCI community, Arash Bayatmakou, has agreed to join NorCal SCI’s Board of Directors.

“My own experience has taught me how frustrating and challenging it can be for someone with a SCI to access resources and services and I hope that by joining NorCal SCI, I can help alleviate these issues and positively impact the SCI community,” said Arash.

Arash is a speaker, entrepreneur, writer, athlete, and a passionate advocate for individuals with spinal cord injuries. He has given numerous talks and shared his story of perseverance, recovery, and challenging limits to audiences large and small, including his TEDx talk. In 2015, he co-founded No Limits Collaborative, a non-profit aimed at helping people with neurological conditions seek an improved quality of life. Shortly thereafter, he swam five miles around an alpine lake to raise money and encourage others to work towards their personal goals.

Arash regularly collaborates with two Bay Area companies developing exo-skeleton robotic suits that aim to replace wheelchairs, has established a regularly occurring standup comedy show that raises funds for people with SCI, is on the leadership council for Wings for Life, and has published "Little Big Steps", a memoir of his story. A Bay Area native, he credits his California upbringing for his love of the outdoors, nature, and cooking, activities he still cherishes as he continues to travel, explore and enjoy new experiences.  He and his wife, Brita, welcomed to this world their first child this past December.

Thank you for your willingness and enthusiasm to join our organization, Arash.

Nick & Franklin, co-founders
NorCal SCI