SEARCH FOR SCI CURE: debate over use and effectiveness of stem cells rages on


A friend of ours with SCI recently received an unsolicited e-mail from a clinic near her house offering stem cell treatments for a myriad of conditions they claimed their stem cell treatments can remedy. We have written a countless number of articles on this topic and even hosted a presentation in April on the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells featuring Dr. Wise Young. Additionally, in California, thanks to a voter-funded $3 billion initiative, a stem cell agency has been investing in many studies investigating the effectiveness of stem cells in curing diseases and disorders, including spinal cord injuries.

We know a lot of individuals with SCI have traveled all over the world to offshore stem cell clinics promising cures and depending on who you speak with, you’d get a different response about their effectiveness. So, it was yet another sobering reminder of this controversial method when The New York Times published THIS ARTICLE about the spread of stem cell clinics throughout the U.S. Though the article primarily addresses the use of stem cells for joint-related issues, it should serve as a reminder to know what you’re getting yourself into before spending thousands of dollars on such procedures.