NorCal SCI's Durable Medical Equipment storage brimming with free donated goods

Nora couldn’t believe how lightweight the brand new TiLite wheelchair was. Christopher was stoked he got a new hand/leg exercise cycle. Eve scored a stair lift system that normally goes for $12,000 and provided her with the freedom to go upstairs in her 2-story home. Cameron couldn’t believe he got an EasyStand standing frame in such an excellent condition. The common themes across all these outcomes? The generosity of the donors of the equipment and our ability to store and process these equipment at our storage facility made possible by our financial donors who allowed us to fund the $3,500 a year in rent.

And so, in two months since we secured our storage facility, it is full of some incredible goods that include new top-of-the-line power wheelchairs, shower benches, multiple manual wheelchairs and much more. Already, some $90,000 worth of goods have been distributed to individuals who could benefit from them and we’re just happy to play the middle man in this process.

If you have durable medical equipment that’s in good condition, consider donating it to us. If you have a need for such equipment, keep checking the site as new items arrive frequently. You can find everything HERE.