Great opportunity to help make Airbnb's platform more accessible while earning some cash


Airbnb’s In-Home Accessibility (IHA) team is recruiting participants who are living with a disability or who have in-depth knowledge of accessibility for a pilot study on a new tool currently in development.

The IHA team is dedicated to making Airbnb the most trusted travel platform for travelers with accessibility needs. One of their priorities is ensuring the accuracy of accessibility information in listings, so their team is developing an evaluation tool that will enable paid auditors from the external community to review photos provided by hosts, verify whether or not the photo accurately portrays the existence of an accessibility feature, and provide feedback for the host on how to convey any missing information. Airbnb believes enlisting the help of experts is necessary to improve the reliability of the accessibility search filters for all listings across their platform.

Participants will audit accessibility photos using the evaluation tool, so you must have access to a computer and the internet. Additionally, all auditing will be done remotely. Auditors will be given a batch of photos to evaluate within three weeks. The estimated time commitment is 5-10 hours a week, but auditors are welcome to work at their own pace before the pilot end date. Compensation is $20/hour and it is anticipated that the total amount of time required to complete a batch is 15 hours.

To be considered for the study, please complete THIS FORM. Upon receiving a response, an IHA team member will send a brief accessibility evaluation exercise and set up an interview time before confirming participation.