TEEN WRESTLER RYAN JOSEPH: recovery following SCI one step at a time


In January of 2018, life of a yet another youngster took an unexpected turn when 16-year-old Ryan Joseph, wrestling for his Pleasant Hill high school, suffered a devastating spinal cord injury during a match leaving him with a C4 injury. Ryan’s post-injury life began being dependent on a ventilator to assist his breathing but it’s where he is at this time that would bring a smile to anyone who has followed his incredible and difficult journey.

Local TV station KTVU aired this three minute segment on him showing how far Ryan has come along with his recovery. You can also read the story we wrote in January of 2018 about Ryan’s accident.

Ryan has been at the renowned spinal cord injury rehabilitation center, Craig Hospital in Denver, for quite some time and he just recently began taking his first steps unassisted. His confidence level growing, Ryan feels he will eventually conquer the effects of the injury and he sure is making nice and steady strides as he pursues the biggest challenge of his young life.

The family has set up a GuFundMe page to help with the expenses associated with Ryan’s recovery.