SCI Connections Series:  Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function Clinical Trials (68 minutes) – July 11, 2019
Dr. Graham Creasey and Dr. Harminder Singh presented the current FDA-approved clinical trials taking place in the U.S. for a pacemaker device that restores bowel & bladder function in addition to erections in males.

November 2nd, 2018
Former Santa Clara Valley Medical Center patient, Ian MacKay, makes a return visit to the hospital 10 years following his C2 injury. Ian spoke extensively about his new residence and how customized he has made it, especially by using technology to increase his independence.

SCI Connections Series:  Update on the Asterias Stem Cell Clinical Trials (42 minutes) – September 21, 2017
Dr. Reza Ehsanian of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center presented the latest update involving the stem cell clinical trials being conducted on spinal cord injured individuals by Asterias Biotherapeutics of Fremont.


SCI Connections Series: In-Home Supportive Services: How to get the help you need to remain safely in your home (72 minutes) – June 15, 2017
Disability Rights California attorney Angelica Galang presented an in-depth overview of IHSS and how to successfully navigate the many challenges that one must overcome to qualify for this benefit. 


SCI Connections Series: Adjustment & Coping Strategies After SCI (62 minutes) – March 16, 2017
Dr. Mark Held, Clinical Psychologist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, discussed evidence-based practices that can aid with emotional concerns and adjustment following a spinal cord injury. He also shared ways to integrate technology into behavioral health needs.

SCI Connections Series: Restoring Bladder, Bowel & Sexual Functions post-SCI (73 minutes) – Feb. 16, 2017
Dr. Graham Creasey, professor of spinal cord injury medicine at Stanford University, presented his work on Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function after Spinal Cord Injury using a pacemaker.


SCI Connections Series: Management of skin issues post-SCI (73 minutes) – October 20, 2016
Dr. James Crew and RN Rimma Katsovskaya of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center led a presentation on prevention and management of skin breakdown including pressure sores that severely affect the SCI population.


SCI Connections Series: Urinary Tract Infection in the SCI Community (87 minutes) – September 15, 2016<
Catch this comprehensive session of last week’s Santa Clara Valley Medical Center SCI Connections meeting which featured Urologist Dr. Chris Elliott’s presentation on Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and how it affects individuals with SCI.


SCI Connections Series: Managing a healthy shoulder post-SCI (38 minutes) – August 18, 2016
Tim Pence, Doctor of Osteopathic at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, delivered this presentation on understanding of the shoulder’s function and how to best protect it for individuals with SCI.

SCI Connections Series: SCI Clinical Research at VA Palo Alto (73 minutes) - July 21, 2016

NOTE: Video starts with the presentation already underway for a couple of minutes.

Jenny Kiratli, PhD, Director of Clinical Research and Doug Ota, MD, Chief of SCI Center at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital shares the various research and studies that the SCI Center is involved in.



SCI Connections Series: Healthy Eating Ideas For Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury (58 minutes) - January 21, 2016

Video starts at the 15-second mark.

Shelley Wood, Registered Dietitian, has her BS in nutrition with a concentration in dietetics and has gained extensive knowledge working at places like Valley Medical Center in San Jose with patients who have spinal cord injuries (SCI). She has also spent time studying implications of poor nutrition on SCI and has made it her focus to work on the prevention of chronic disease in those with SCI through nutrition.


SCI Connections Series: What can a Urologist offer to a patient with SCI (70 minutes) – September 17, 2015Featuring Dr. Chris Elliott, Urologist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, specializing in individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. Dr. Elliott discusses the various types of bladder issues an SCI survivor is likely to face and shares available solutions to deal with them. He is one of the fewest urologists in the country with extensive specialization in the effects of SCI on the bladder.


SCI Connections Series: Latest developments in SCI Regenerative Research (82 minutes) – May 21, 2015
Video begins a couple of minutes already in progress

In this presentation, Dr. James Crew and Dr. Stephen McKenna of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, discuss the latest rounds of research in Spinal Cord Injury.


SCI Connections Series: Nutritional Considerations for SCI (53 minutes) – April 16, 2015

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Registered Dietitian, Shelley Wood, specializes in individual with spinal cord injury. She addresses the importance of getting the right food into your body in the right amounts, offering many tips and pointers on how to achieve a balanced diet.


SCI Connections Series: Day of Discovery at the Aquarium (50 minutes) - March 19, 2015

Paraplegic Marv Tuttle shares his work involving getting children with disabilities to participate in the water activities held at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as part of the annual Day of Discovery events.


SCI Connections Series: Department of Rehabilitation (51 minutes) – February 19, 2015

Representatives of the Department of Rehabilitation, Linda Labit and Deborah Sweeney, discuss the various benefits and programs offered to the disabled community interested in seeking employment.


SCI Connections Series: Social Security & SSI (81 minutes) – January 22, 2015

Renowned disability rights representative, Mel Irvin, dispells the myths, rumors and lies behind Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits.


SCI Connections Series: Pain After SCI (60 minutes) – September 18, 2014

Dr. Mark Nguyen is the Associate Chief, Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury, General and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. He discusses pain as it relates to SCI and reviews treatment options.


SCI Connections Series: Environmental Traveling Companions (46 minutes) – August 21, 2014

Maureen O’Hagan, Associate Director of ETC, discusses the various outdoor activities offered to individuals with disabilities, including whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, cross-country skiing, and youth leadership programs.


SCI Connections Series: Disability Rights (81 minutes) – June 20, 2013

Disability rights attorney, Mark Potter, has been labeled a serial litigator, having filed over 2,000 ADA-related lawsuits. Whatever one might think of him, he shares details and examples of how businesses are violating ADA laws.

SCI Connections Series: Health After Spinal Cord Injury (81 minutes) – May 16, 2013

Dr. James Crew, Chief of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s Spinal Cord Injury unit, speaks about nutritional effects on SCI as well as exercise recommendations.


SCI Connections Series: Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits (67 minutes) – April 18, 2013

Disability benefits representative and expert, Mel Irvin, discusses in great detail these two federally-funded disability benefits programs.