Sonoma County SCI Support Group to meet Nov. 20 following October wildfires

We all are fully aware of the devastation caused by the recent wildfires in Northern California which led to the cancellation of the October meeting of the Sonoma County SCI Support Group.  And now the group is prepared to resume their meetings on Mon., Nov. 20th from 4-5:30 p.m.

One of the interesting topics that the group is preparing to discuss is the change in its name to the Marin/Sonoma Counties SCI Support Group since some of its members live in Marin County.  Additionally, Marin County does not have a support group that covers those communities.  So, the group will discuss the benefits of that change.

Another topic involves the work that was done by the Disability Services & Legal Center along with the members of the support group for a Ukranian man who suffered an SCI during his visit to the Sonoma County.  

The group meets at the Azure Apartment Complex's Clubhouse, 7 Indigo Drive, Petaluma. For more information, call Stan at (860) 614-8351 or via e-mail