The Benefits of Stretching and Exercising for Wheelchair Users

We couldn't help but notice a link to this article that our friends at the Reeve Foundation had provided addressing stretching and exercising routines for wheelchair users.


Stretching is especially important for people who use wheelchairs.  We do not gain the benefits that come through the natural stretches that walking provides.  Benefits include reduced muscle tension, increased circulation (especially crucial for us), increased range of movements, increased blood flow to various parts of the body, and increased energy levels from the improved circulation.

THIS ARTICLE also features a couple of how-to videos that can hopefully inspire you to start with a robust routine.  Remember that within the State of California, community colleges are required to offer Adaptive Physical Education programs.  The extent of each program varies from one college to another, driven largely by the size of the college's population but those that offer such programs tend to have people that can help stretch you at their gym.  Consult the office of the disability services at your local community college for their APE programs.