Reeve Foundation sends out call for help

This year, U.S. Congress cut 13% of the Reeve Foundation's Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) and a call for help is going out to the SCI Community in order to restore the cuts as well as protect the PRC against future funding cuts.


PRC's information specialists are trained to help anyone – from newly paralyzed individuals and their family members, to persons who have lived with disabilities for quite some time – as they attempt to navigate their changing world and the services available to them.  They pull from a wide array of information and expertise to devise personalized plans and approaches to getting individuals living with paralysis back into their communities and a place of well-being quickly. The breadth and depth of PRC's knowledge and connections spans multiple languages, as well as everything from what to expect in rehab, to the best equipment exchange programs, to peer support networks. 

NorCal SCI would like to urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY and tell them to preserve funding for the Paralysis Resource Center. The process will take you just two minutes, but it can make a huge impact.  Here's the web page that you can complete in order to show your support for PRC.