Travel & Recreation season is finally here

With Memorial Day behind us now, the official summer travel season has commenced and for those of us living in Northern California, there's truly no shortage of accessible activities that one can pursue.


We want to draw your attention to the Recreation/Sports/Travel part of the RESOURCES tab on our web site and have you check out all the organizations that offer activities of all kind for you to enjoy.  Whether it's traveling by air, ship, train or car, domestic or international travel, there's something for everyone. And if neither of those are a possibility for you, there are always local destinations that can provide you with nice distractions all throughout the summer.

We have vetted all these web sites to ensure that they are appropriate and provide the necessary services for individuals with disability.  Additionally, our friends at New Mobility magazine had a helpful article on Best Products for Wheelchair Travelers.  So, what are you waiting for?