Disability rights & benefits under unprecedented attacks

We've written a number of posts about the various challenges being staged that could threaten the availability and viability of the many programs the disabled community is reliant on.  More than ever though, we cannot begin to emphasize enough the role each and every one of you can play in challenging and defeating many of these movements.  THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

Here are two examples that we have written about:

ADA laws under attack once again

Reeve Foundation sends out call for help

The new GOP-sponsored American Health Care Act that was passed in the House of Representatives, and is now working its way through the Senate, contains numerous provisions that would directly affect each person receiving disability benefits.  The United Spinal Association has developed a web page describing some of the dangers the new bill poses to the disabled community and what you can do to help.  

The State of California has constantly attempted to reduce the various benefits so many of us depend on, for example, the In-Home Support Services (IHSS).  On Tuesday, June 13th, you have a chance to get involved in the 13th Annual Disability Capitol Action Day being held in Sacramento.  Disability Capitol Action Day is an annual event coordinated by The Disability Action Coalition as an opportunity for people of cross disabilities, their families and allies to come together in solidarity to learn about disability community resources, become educated on potential policies that could impact our daily lives and collaborate with our fellow disability community members to educate policy makers on the issues we care about most.

Please, DO NOT underestimate the power of your phone calls, e-mails and personal attendance of events that would impress upon your elected representatives the importance of the benefits so many people depend on.  GET INVOLVED TODAY.