Can automobile innovator Tesla do more?

Many of us who have a passion for cars admire the sleek design and performance of the game changing Tesla vehicles. With all the innovation and disruptive technology inherent in their culture, surely Tesla must be ensuring that their vehicles will be accessible to more than just the able bodied.

In this video, NorCal SCI raises these questions to Tesla and believes they have a real opportunity to  become a game changer in the way vehicles are used by the disabled community.

Yes, we know about driverless cars but we are also aware that we are many years off from the authorities allowing a true driverless vehicle take to our roads.

In the meantime, let's see if we can make it a priority for Tesla to design-in features and capabilities that will assist the physically-challenged driver make use of this fantastic technology.

Come on Elon, we know you can make a difference.

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