VA gives thumbs up to WHILL Model M wheelchair

Since it was founded back in 2013, WHILL has struggled to get traction and viability due to a lack of insurance coverage of its ground-breaking wheelchair.  Though they prefer to call it a "personal electric vehicle", for all practical purposes, it's an advanced-design power wheelchair with a unique design that makes it look less like a wheelchair.

Good things have finally started coming their way.  In March of 2016, their Model M received FDA approval and the four-wheel-drive wheelchair made its public debut earlier this year with a MSRP of about $12,500.  But now, thanks to the approval of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Model M can be acquired by the large population of disabled veterans, a major milestone for the company.

Next up for the company is to seek approval from Medicare which, once completed, will make it far easier for private insurance reimbursements of the wheelchair since most insurance carriers typically follow the Medicare's lead.  Stay tuned.