One funding battle won, up next is PRC funding

In the battle to save important programs that have a direct effect on the disabled, there's never a time to relax.  

Take the case of the battle that just ended involving Complex Rehab Technology (CRT).  NorCal SCI wrote about this issue a few weeks ago.  Well, congratulations as the proposed cuts were averted.

No time to catch your breath though.  Now, word comes from the Reeve Foundation that President Trump's 2018 budget proposes to eliminate ALL Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) funding. We wrote about this back in mid-May.

NorCal SCI would like to urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY and tell them to preserve funding for the Paralysis Resource Center. The process will take you just two minutes, but it can make a huge impact.  Here's the web page that you can complete in order to show your support for PRC.