Groundbreaking wheelchair, Ogo, and AbleThrive founder headline this week's Berkeley Spinal Network meeting

This Thursday, July 13th's Berkeley Spinal Network meeting will be a blockbuster one that is a must-see event as they will feature a live demonstration of the newest wheelchair technology to come out in years as well as the founder of AbleThrive, a one-stop platform featuring curated resources for living well with a disability.  

Chances are, you've probably read or seen videos of Ogo on your favorite social media platform as it's the most talked about wheelchair in years to hit the market.  Ogo is the only personal transportation system that fully integrates a unique, active, moving seat control system -- with the best of self-balancing technology. The dynamic seat control system not only moves with your body - making it intuitive to use - but allows you to do so completely hands free!

The Ogo live demo and Q&A will start at 4 p.m.  For further information or to request a one-on-one appointment, contact Walter: (510) 693-2689 or

Then at 7 p.m., Brittany Déjean, founder of AbleThrive, will be the guest speaker discussing her organization and how it benefits our community.  We featured Brittany's story last week but here's a link to it.

Brittany Déjean

Brittany Déjean

The meeting is held at the Ed Roberts Campus located at 3075 Adeline, Berkeley.  Additionally, if you're unable to attend in person, a live webinar/phone conference line will also be open for anyone to call in and join the conversation or ask questions.  The line will open at 6:30 p.m. and you may call (415) 655-0381 use access code: 649-375-826, press#.  To view the event in real-time, you may do so at  For more information, contact Tom Shankle at (415) 205-3882 or  As always, free food & drinks will be provided.