Reeve Foundation offers free book: The Movement To Cure Spinal Cord Injury

Many members of the spinal cord injury community have been dis-illusioned by the slow progress science is making in finding a cure for paralysis.  Count NorCal SCI founders, Nick & Franklin, among them, especially after attending a recent presentation on the status of the Asterias-sponsored stem cell clinical trials.  You can view the video of that presentation in our SCI Connections Video Library.


To say that research is hard work is an obvious understatement, especially as it relates to one of the most complex parts/functions of the human body, the spinal cord.  The Asterias presentation was proof of that.  

We wanted to share this great book from the Reeve Foundation, Don't Call It A Miracle: The Movement To Cure Spinal Cord Injury by Kate Willette.  It is available free of charge and is an excellent read that explains the basic biology of the injured cord, what the basic approaches the scientists are taking to heal, mend or bypass the nervous system and what you, as a non-scientist, can do to speed things along.

You can receive a hard copy of the book or download an electronic version.  Here's the link to get started.