Lyft follows Uber in class-action lawsuit involving lack of accessibility

Just over two weeks ago, Berkeley's Disability Rights Advocates filed a class-action lawsuit against ride-sharing giant, Uber, and now, as anticipated, Lyft has also been served with a similar lawsuit for failing to make wheelchair-accessible vehicles available in the Bay Area through its rideshare service.


The plaintiffs -- Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco and two individuals who use wheelchairs -- brought this action to end Lyft’s discriminatory practices and policies.

Lyft does not provide wheelchair-accessible transportation in the Bay Area. The case challenges Lyft’s failure to provide wheelchair-accessible service as a violation of California anti-discrimination laws.  Plaintiffs are not seeking monetary damages, but rather equal access to Lyft for themselves and the class. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that Lyft institutes a comprehensive remedy to address its current exclusion of riders with mobility disabilities.