Veteran Occupational Therapist, Carol Adler Hughes, joins NorCal SCI Advisory Board

We are thrilled that Carol Adler Hughes, a long-time Occupational Therapist, has agreed to join NorCal SCI's Advisory Board, adding further expertise and experience as we continue to move forward with executing our various programs for 2018.


What's significant with Carole's experience is her involvement of many years with individuals with SCI, including NorCal SCI's co-founder, Nick Struthers, who was fortunate to have Carole as his OT during his rehab at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center following his SCI in 2004.

Carole is the author of numerous textbook chapters on Occupational Therapy Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury and has taught and lectured nationally and internationally on all aspects of SCI treatment.

Her extensive OT background includes nearly 35 years of work at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's Spinal Cord Injury Unit and Rehab Trauma Center where she was a supervisor.  She is currently working as an independent contractor and spinal cord injury clinical consultant.