A year later: looking back on how far we've come

This week marks our one year anniversary since we launched NorCal SCI.  None of us had any true experience running a non-profit organization and all the challenges that come with it.  Yet, we've welcomed everything with open arms and along the way, we've met hundreds of new people with a spinal cord injury/disorder in need of some level of assistance.  We've also met hundreds of other service providers that we've been grateful for knowing.

Our goal from the beginning has been about collaboration, transparency and supporting individuals and organizations.  We've met virtually all the SCI support groups in Northern California and learned about the wonderful work they're doing.  We've also met with practically every hospital and rehab center that handles SCI cases, whether at the acute stage or otherwise.  We've attended many meetings and have presented our vision to many people.

What motivated us to launch NorCal SCI is that there were no other organizations providing the type of support and services needed for Northern California population of individuals with SCI,  From our Care Package program to our recently-launched Road To Recovery program, these were brand new initiatives made available to Northern Californians.

The most difficult part for us has been fundraising.  Neither of us had ever done any kind of fundraising before and so, it's not a natural act for us.  We're getting much better at it and our friends, families and SCI supporters have helped a lot, yet we realize that without a strong, ongoing fundraising effort, we would struggle meeting many of our aggressive goals.  

Our work has just begun.  We're committed to executing our 2018 Goals & Objectives.  We make decisions strategically, yet are nimble enough to adjust as a situation demands it and we're humbled by the support we've received and will continue to work hard and support our SCI community in Northern California.

Thank you,
Nick, Franklin & Carl