Free medical equipment exchange offered through NorCal SCI

We've been offering this for just under a year but thought that it'd be worth mentioning again that on our web site, we're offering an area where donated durable medical equipment is available for free to those in need.  Currently, we have a hoyer lift, two shower/commode chairs, walkers and crutches and also have access to a scooter and manual wheelchairs.  The page with the current inventory of available goods can be found HERE but we have also received requests for a standing frame, FES unit, and lift systems in recent days.

We come across a lot people who mention to us "ah yeah, I've had it sitting in my garage for a long time" when talking about some medical equipment that they have but no longer use.  If you do, consider giving it to NorCal SCI and you may receive a tax deduction as allowed by law but more importantly, you'd help someone else in need who doesn't have the financial means or insurance coverage for it.  Contact us at