NorCal SCI collaborates with Apple on accessibility features of products

NorCal SCI's Nick Struthers was recently invited to the Apple store in downtown Los Gatos as part of the company's efforts to develop training sessions on the macOS and iOS accessibility features that can help those with disabilities better use the Apple products. 

Apple LG.png

Given the large number of Apple users, our goal is to bring together members of the SCI Community to attend sessions together and then report on how the sessions have made a difference to the participants using Apple technology.  There will be two sessions offered on the topics below. If you are interesting in taking part, please email us at

Using Devices with Reduced Mobility
Discover how to use intuitive macOS and iOS features to customize your devices to fit your needs. You’ll explore tools that use just the right touch, or no touch at all, including custom panels and keyboards in macOS. You'll also be shown how to use Switch Control and Assistive Touch on your iOS devices, and demonstrate how to personalize and customize your settings.

Literacy Tools on iPad and iPhone
Discover how iOS can help to strengthen reading and spelling skills.  Learn how your iPad and iPhone can read just what's highlighted or all the text on screen, how Speak Screen and Speak Selection can read the content back to you, and explore Look Up and all it offers. They'll show how to open Dictionary, Wikipedia, and the web by holding down on a word or phrase.

These sessions are also available to the general public and if you can't make it to Los Gatos, contact an Apple store near you.  To find out more of the accessibility possibilities, you can visit the Apple web site directly at

Look out for a future report from NorCal SCI on the Apple technology.