Fremont quadriplegic shares tips for wheelchair camping

We've known Matt Keenan for a couple of years from our days as peer supporters at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where Matt did his rehab following his Dec. 2015 C7 spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed but not out of camping, one of his passions before his injury.  And now, Matt has taken that passion post-SCI and is writing about wheelchair camping and planning his next trip to Oregon.


The 24-year-old student enjoys cooking, writing, traveling and rolling around the woods and is currently working at San Jose State University towards a B.S. in recreational therapy program with some strong interests around event planning, too.

He has written a couple of articles about wheelchair camping worthy of sharing since the camping season is here:

My First Backpacking Trip After My Spinal Cord Injury

7 Simple Tips For Successful Wheelchair Camping