Putting a dent in disabled parking abuse, one report at a time

There are not many things in life that can elevate the blood pressure of a person using a wheelchair accessible vehicle quite like an able-bodied person occupying a disabled parking space or parking across the striped space adjacent to the disabled parking space.  And it just keeps on happening with no solution in sight since law enforcement has this close to the bottom of their priority list.


Well, if everyone (and not just the disabled community) can take part in a program that reports such violators, over the course of time, the problem may start to subside and that's where the Parking Mobility App comes in.  The non-profit organization's approach to accessible parking abuse is much more than just technology and it's much more than just enforcement. You have to go deeper; it takes a grass-roots effort.  

Now, before you get all excited that you'd be able to write parking citations, take it down a notch.  The main premise is that community leaders need to be provided with real data that demonstrate the severity of the problem before they can take concrete actions.  Having everyone use this mobile app to monitor and report violators is a cornerstone of how, over the long haul, this problem can be reduced.  So, even if they cannot solve your problem at that particular time, their collection of data enables them to make a stronger case for tougher enforcement of disabled parking laws.

Learn more about how you can join this grass-roots movement HERE.