SCI RESEARCH: Asterias reports latest results of its stem cell clinical trials

Fremont-based Asterias Biotherapeutics has released the results of its latest round of individuals with SCI it was able to enroll in its AST-OPC1 Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial that has now reached 25 persons.  The study is designed to evaluate the safety and potential efficacy of AST-OPC1 in the treatment of severe cervical spinal cord injury.   

The SCiStar study is an open-label, single-arm trial testing three escalating doses of AST-OPC1 in 25 subjects with subacute motor complete (AIS-A or AIS-B) cervical (C-4 to C-7) spinal cord injury.

To read the full details of the 25 individuals and the degree of motor function return they have experienced, CLICK HERE.

A good friend of ours, Ernest Chung, suggested a while ago that we should consider running a regular column on the latest studies being done in the field of spinal cord injury.  Good suggestion, Ernest.  Starting this week, we will feature the latest on the various studies taking place that would be of interest to the SCI community.  Be prepared though as you'll read about a lot of paralyzed rats being cured but that's where everything has to start.  There are a lot of cool things happening even though everyone is asking when.