SEARCH FOR A CURE: latest SCI breakthrough broken down in plain English


Last week, we reported on the Reeve Foundation-sponsored Epidural Stimulation breakthrough in persons with chronic spinal cord injury which drew a lot of interest judging by the spike in traffic to our web site, reinforcing the clear interest and intrigue in this space. The research reports filed in support of such work can often be painful to read and so, we were thrilled to find this article that was actually published three months ago in New Mobility magazine that we felt did a great job of breaking down the work in plain English.

The article was written by Kate Willette, whose most recent book, Don’t Call It a Miracle, was commissioned by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Since her husband’s C6 injury in 2001, she has become a lively voice informing a worldwide community of people living with paralysis about the state of SCI research.