Innovative neuroscientist, Dr. Wise Young, reveals his road map to SCI cure

Fresno.  Los Angeles.  Las Vegas.  Yes, we met with folks who had traveled all the way from those cities to attend last night’s presentation by renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Wise Young, who shared his findings at a NorCal SCI-sponsored event on the umbilical cord blood stem cell clinical trials he will be leading in the next few weeks.  What he ended up delivering left the audience of about 50 people wanting more as he left us all mesmerized thinking about the possibilities and hope that await us as his next phase of clinical trials roll out.


In the process, he also delivered a stinging rebuke of the conventional modes of therapies and rehab used on individuals with a spinal cord injury and managed to turn upside down some of the myths and previous understandings of the inner workings of the spinal cord and how to maximize the recovery process.

By the end of the evening, many surrounded Dr. Young yearning for more information.  We will have a full report of his presentation next week but all we can say for now is WOW.  It truly feels like the best is yet to come.