Heart & Soul of BORP's cycling program retires to pursue bringing inclusive cycling to the world


Say the name Greg Milano within the Bay Area disability community and you’ll get a “oh, the guy who’s always on those foot cycles?” comment. Yup, that’s Greg Milano who for 12 years, while overseeing the cycling program at BORP, has transformed this activity not only in the Bay Area but across the country, having established the most robust inclusive cycling program for the disability community you will find. And now comes word that he’ll be retiring from his position at the end of this month to pursue his goal of expanding inclusive cycling to the rest of the world.

An avid outdoorsman, Greg has traveled to many countries and has been passionate about creating opportunities for cycling for those with a disability in under-served regions of the world and that’s what he plans to do with the next chapter of his life. If you would like to learn more about Greg's next venture to bring adaptive cycling to the world, check out Inclusive Cycling International.

We will miss Greg’s passion, empathy and enthusiasm and wish him all the est moving forward.