NorCal SCI awards six Road To Recovery grants for $12,000

We’re happy to announce the funding of six more individuals’ requests for a Road To Recovery grant totaling $12,000, pushing our year-to-date total to $20,000 with 10 more applicants going through the qualification process at present time. Road To Recovery represents NorCal SCI’s signature program seeking to empower individuals with spinal cord injuries by providing financial support for additional therapy, acquire durable medical equipment not covered by insurance, or make minor home modifications.

Our latest recipients are Manuel Borg, Redwood City; Joe Foot, Bodega Bay; Ralph Morales, Hayward; Rod Alavi, Alamo; Kelly Longo, Lincoln; and Char Vine, Sacramento. Each of these applicants developed their own path to what they considered to be recovery, not dictated by anyone else, and we’re proud of the work they have done and will continue to do thanks to the grants they’re receiving.

NorCal SCI has committed to award a minimum of $60,000 in Road To Recovery grants during 2019 and we invite you to learn more about the program and see if you would be a suitable candidate to apply. You can learn more about the program HERE.