NorCal SCI Road To Recovery fund program hits the $36,000 mark in 2019 with new award recipients

September got off to an incredible start for us as we blew past our 2018 total of Road To Recovery grants ($30,000) by approving grants to David Muniz of Morgan Hill, Krystina Jackson of Dublin, Alejandro Aupart of Concord and Mia Gonzalez of Fresno, pushing our awarded total for 2019 to $36,000. Our goal for this year is to award a minimum of $60,000 and we currently have seven applications pending review by our grant committee.

NorCal SCI’s signature program is designed to empower individuals with spinal cord injuries by providing financial support for additional therapy, acquiring durable medical equipment not covered by insurance, or making minor home modifications. We invite you to learn more about the program and see if you would be a suitable candidate. You can learn more and apply HERE.