Road to Recovery

The purpose of the Road to Recovery (R2R) program is to provide qualifying recipients with block grants for continued therapy and/or equipment or resources as well as dedicated mentoring supporting individuals with SCI/D. The grant and mentoring services are designed to enable an individual continue to pursue their recovery though we prioritize recipients who don't have the financial resources to pursue their goals.

Available funding falls into three categories: Therapeutic Exercise/Therapy, Home Modifications and Specialized Equipment. 

All R2R applications are reviewed by NorCal SCI's Board of Directors and R2R applications will be responded to via e-mail within 30 days. NorCal SCI may contact the applicants by telephone to better understand the individual's needs and the best way NorCal SCI can support the applicant.

Maximum grant awarded is $2,000 when funds are available.

Priority will be given to applicants who reside in Northern California.  Applicants must possess a positive attitude and a desire to maximize their recovery.

To be considered, the applicant must provide the following:

  • A detailed description of the extent of their respective injury or injuries including the date and how it occurred.
  • Their goals for recovery from injury, identifying the specific manner in which NorCal SCI can help achieve the goals.
  • A budget that outlines all costs in detail.

NorCal SCI can also assist in structuring a plan to maximize the potential recovery program.

In order to receive any funding, program participants may be required to produce proof of income and a letter from their doctor validating their condition. NorCal SCI expects the participants to provide photos and reports on their progress so this can be shared with donors and supporters.

The provider of services or equipment shall invoice NorCal SCI for all therapies, treatments, equipment or other approved expenses in detail within 90 days. Checks are never written to an individual participant. The provider of services or equipment shall be paid directly by NorCal SCI.

Applicants must complete the online application.  (Click here for the application)